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Annular solar eclipse on 20 May 2012

On 20 May 2012 (21 May for local time in eastern hemisphere), an annular solar eclipse took place.

20 May 2012 Solar eclipse

(Animation of eclipse as viewed from Albuquerque, USA. It is also showing sunset before the eclipse ends.)

This annular solar eclipse was visible from the western part of the United States, the south of Japan, northern Taiwan and the Chinese coast. Tokyo, Taipei, Guangzhou and Albuquerque were on the central path of the shadow of the Moon. The eclipse was visible for maximum time in part of the North Pacific and south of the Aleutian islands (for 5 min and 46.3 s).

The next solar eclipse will be on 10th May 2013.

A solar eclipse take place when Moon passes between Sun and Earth and shadow of moon totally or partially obscures Sun for a viewer on Earth.

(21st May 2012)

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