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p-p chain reaction

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In P-P chain reaction two Hydrogen nuclei (1H1) fuse together to form a Deuterium nucleus (1H2), one β+ particle (which is rather familiar as Positron, 1e0), one Neutrino (ν) and 0.41 Mev energy. In the next step one Hydrogen nucleus and one Deuterium nucleus (1H2) fuse to form one Helium-3 isotope nucleus (2He3), one Gamma photon (γ) and energy of amount 5.5 Mev. In the last step two Helium-3 isotope nuclei (2He3) fuse together and produce a Helium nucleus (2He4), two Hydrogen nuclei (1H1) and 12.8 Mev energy. These two newly formed Hydrogen nuclei again fuse together and the chain reaction sustains.

1H1 + 1H11H2 + 1e0 + ν + 0.41 Mev
1H2 + 1H12He3 + γ + 5.5 Mev
2He3 + 2He32He4 + 2 1H1 + 12.8 Mev

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