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Mars spacecraft of Russia falls in Pacific Ocean

Phobos Grunt Mars probe spacecraft of Russia was earlier stuck in the orbit of Earth for two months. The space craft ultimately crashed down to the Pacific Ocean on 15th January, 2012.

Phobos Grunt was launched on 9th November 2011 and it was designed to bring back rock and soil samples from the Martian moon Phobos.

Due to failure of its engine, the spacecraft could not go past orbits around the Earth and stuck in a near Earth orbit for two months after which it falls to the Pacific Ocean, 1,250 km west of the island of Wellington.

NASA informed that, Russia failed in all 16 of its earlier attempts to study the Mars since 1960. Before the recent failure, last time Russia failed in a mars mission was in 1996, when they lost Mars-96 orbiter during the time of launch.

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