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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 16th September 2016

16 September 2016 lunar eclipse
Lunar eclipse chart on 16th September 2016.

The last eclipse of 2016 will take place on on 16th September 2016 with a Penumbral lunar eclipse. This is the second of two lunar eclipses in 2016.

The duration of penumbral eclipse is 3 hour 59 minute 16 second.

A lunar eclipse can occur only at full Moon. Lunar eclipses occur when shadow of Earth blocks the light from Sun, which otherwise reflects off the Moon. During penumbral lunar eclipse, the Moon moves through the faint, outer part of the Earth's shadow. During penumbral lunar eclipse Moon will be visible all the time only it will look dimmer than normal. So, people may think it is just a regular full moon.

On 16th September, during the eclipse, the Moon will pass through the Earth's northern penumbral shadow.


16 September lunar eclipse from Moon
Lunar eclipse from Moon on 16 September 2016.

Lunar eclipses look approximately the same all over the world and happen at nearly same time.

The times displayed might be a minute or two off actual times.

EventUTC Time
Penumbral Eclipse begins16 September, 16:54:40
Maximum Eclipse16 September, 18:54:17
Penumbral Eclipse ends16 September, 20:53:57

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