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Eta Aquarid meteor shower

Eta Aquarid is a low intensity meteor shower. It usually produces about 10 meteors per hour in its peak. The shower runs annually between 19th April and 28th May and it will peak on 5-6 May. Meteors seems to radiate from the constellation Aquarius.

These meteors form due to dust left behind by Comet Halley.

On 2013, the Moon will be dim in the sky, so it will be ideal for sky watchers to catch the show in a relatively dark sky.

How can you watch the show?

The meteors of the Eta Aquarid shower appear to fall from the constellation Aquarius. You should watch towards Aquarius when the sky is darkest in your area. The best viewing times are usually about midnight to 2 am.

As always, if you can go far from the city, you will see better view of sky due to less light pollution. You may like to lie on a blanket in a park or rooftop to enjoy the show. It will also help you to have access of full view of the sky.

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