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Double eclipses on November

3rd November 2012: In a rare co-incidence, two successive eclipses are going to take place on November 2012. First, there will be a total solar eclipse on November 13 in part of Southern hemisphere. After a fortnight, on November 28, large parts of northern and southern America and parts of Australia and surrounding regions will witness a total lunar eclipse.

Solar eclipse

Last time, in 2010 January, such a special event of successive lunar and solar eclipses occurred when the year 2010 had started with a partial lunar eclipse on January 1, followed by a total solar eclipse on January 15 and another second large full moon (known as Blue Moon) on January 30.

A solar eclipse take place when moon passes between Sun and Earth and shadow of moon totally or partially obscures Sun for a viewer on Earth. A lunar eclipse take place when opposite situation happens, i.e. when Earth comes between Sun and the moon and shadow of the Earth totally or partially obscures moon.

How to watch solar eclipse?

You need to take some precautions to watch solar eclipse, otherwise you may risk your eyes. You should never try to look directly towards Sun.

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