Basic Astronomy

Astronomy Quiz

1. Which one is brightest star in visible wavelengths? *

a) Sirius (Dog star)
b) Vega
c) Canopus
d) Betelgeuse

2. Which one is closest star from us (except Sun)? *

a) Sirius (Dog star)
b) Wolf 359
c) Epsilon Eridani
d) Proxima Centauri

3. Which planet in solar system has maximum number of satellites? *

a) Uranus
b) Jupiter
c) Saturn
d) Neptune

4. How many times has our solar system orbited the center of Milkyway since the planet Earth formed? *

a) Once is not completed yet
b) 20
c) 100
d) 1000

5. What is the shape of our home galaxy Milkyway? *

a) Like a spherical ball
b) Like an ellipsoid
c) Like a disk
d) Like spiral arms with a central elliptical bulge

6. Who stepped first in the moon? *

a) Yuri Gagarin
b) Eugene 'Buzz' Aldrin
c) Neil Armstrong
d) Michel Collins

7. What is the mass of Jupiter compared to Sun? *

a) 1/10 the Suns mass
b) 1/100 the Suns mass
c) 1/1000 the Suns mass
d) 1/10000 the Suns mass

8. Which Galaxy is closest from our home galaxy Milkyway? *

a) Andromeda
b) Virgo
c) NGC 2419
d) NGC 185

9. Which mission first successfully completed "Venus flyby"? *

a) Sputnik 20
b) Venera 6
c) Mariner 2
d) Vega 1

10. The Pleiades star cluster is also known by which other name? *

a) The Seven Spinsters
b) The Seven Sisters
c) The Seven Virgins
d) The Seven Demons

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