Cassini captures a monster hurricane on Saturn

Cassini spacecraft of NASA captured a stunning picture of a giant hurricane in Saturn. This is the first close-up, visible-light picture of a huge hurricane swirling around Saturn's north pole.

Saturn Storm

(False-color image from Cassini mission, highlighting the storms at Saturn's north pole. Image credit NASA)

Scientists measured with the high-resolution pictures and video the width of the hurricane's eye to be about 2,010 kilometres. This is 20 times larger than the average hurricane eye on Earth.

Saturn Storm

 (False colour image of the eye of the Saturn's north polar storm. This is resembling a rose surrounded by green foliage. Image credit NASA)

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The Fiery Shadow of the Moon

The High-Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) Observatory on the Mexican plains shows its first image.

This is the first ever image taken of the highest energy radiation (unto 100 TeV gamma rays): tens of trillions of times more energetic than visible light (few eV), or 1-with-19-zeroes times the energy of the microwaves.

Shadow of Moon
This is a false colour image, where the colours represent high (red) to low (blue) energy light. It represents the silhouette of the Moon. The image of the Moon is blue here since it blocks the TeV gamma rays coming from elsewhere in our galaxy. The Moon does not emit any form of light, it only reflects the Sun's light, which contains no gamma rays.

Russia will send a female astronaut into space

Today Russia declare intention to send a female astronaut into space. This is the first time in two decades Russia will try woman in space.

Alexei Temerov, an official at Russia's Star City space training centre informed that Yelena Serova, 36 and a professional cosmonaut, "is getting ready for a space flight in the second half of 2014".

Yeleno Serova

Yelena Serova will spend six months at the International Space Station (ISS), Temerov added. "Her work programme at the ISS will not be anything extraordinary. It will be the usual research programme. A space walk is not planned"  he explained.

A second woman is also currently in training. Anna Kikina is 28 years old and she has joined the cosmonaut program after becoming one of eight people selected in last year's recruitment drive.

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