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Solar eclipse on 4 January 2011

In the festive season of new year, we also have solar eclipse in the menu to celebrate. On 4th January 2011, partial solar eclipse will be visible across Europe the Arabian peninsula,
4 Jan 11 solar eclipse
Image source: NASA
North Africa and Western Asia and as far east as India. However, the eclipse will not be visible in north and south America. This solar eclipse will begin at 06:40:11 UT and finish at 11:00:54 UT.

In most of the places only 0 to 20 per cent of the Sun disc will be covered by moon and the eclipse will not be very easily noticeable.

Solar filter or projection method is recommended to view the eclipse as sun will never be totally invisible at the time of eclipse and bright light from it can harm eyes and even can cause blindness.

There will be four partial solar eclipse in 2011.

For more information

Website of The International Astronomical Union about eclipses.

(1st January 2011)

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