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First image of planet outside solar system made by Gemini and Keck II telescope

First time scientists are able to image planet outside our solar system around star HR 8799. A team led by Christian Marois at the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics in Canada, took a picture of the system with the Gemini telescope in 2008 directly imaging three giant planets.
1st image of exoplanet
The team revisited the star system in 2009-2010 with Keck II telescope and discovered a fourth planet in the system.

The first three planets, designated as HR 8799b, HR 8799c and HR 8799d, are orbiting at a distance of >25 AU from the center star. The new planet, designated HR 8799e is innermost planet in the system and orbiting at a distance of 14.5 AU. The system is relatively young (<100 Myr) and the planets are still radiating large amounts of heat from their formation. The images were taken in the near infrared where they are most noticeable.

For details, you can see public release from Gemini observatory.

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